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    According to the principle of reciprocally effect we exchange the flexible magnetic needle with fixed permanent magnets and we also exchange the part of a firm wire with the flexible one — a swing. We get the inverted Oersted experiment. Set the horizontal part of the swing in the homogeneous magnetic field between two magnets, square to magnetic force lines of this magnetic field. When we short circuited connect the binding to the battery, magnetic force declines the swing to the direction square to the lines of force of the magnetic field and the direction of the electric current. If we change the battery connections, the swing declines to the opposite side. If we increase the electric current or the power of the magnetic field, the magnetic force gets bigger and according to this also the decline of the swing. This is physics experiment for science project.


    Po zakonu o vzajemnem učinku zamenjamo gibljivo magnetno iglo s pritrjenima trajnima magnetoma in del negibljive žice z gibljivo – gugalnico. Dobimo obrnjen Oerstedov poskus. Vodoravni del gugalnice namestimo v homogeno magnetno polje med oba magneta in to pravokotno na magnetne silnice tega polja. Ko vezavo kratkostično priključimo na baterijo, magnetna sila odkloni gugalnico v smeri, ki je pravokotna na silnice magnetnega polja in na smer električnega toka. Če zamenjamo priključka baterije, se gugalnica odkloni v nasprotno smer. Če tok skozi žico ali jakost magnetnega polja povečamo, je magnetna sila večja in s tem tudi odklon gugalnice.

    Please visit http://www.DIY3DTech.com for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode we will be looking at up-dating the laser pin set up using neodymium magnets as hold downs.

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