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    1. When a girl is talking to a guy, and then runs over to talk to her friends about him.
    When you whisper something about us to your gal pal after we were just talking. We were just talking and you’re looking at me the whole time you’re saying it, you ain’t slick.
    2. Anything and everything boob-related.
    Side boob, top boob, bottom boob, bra strap.
    3. The slight shedding problem women with long hair tend to have.
    Your hair. It’s literally everywhere in the house.
    4. The fact that girls often can’t think for themselves.
    When with their friends, girls will usually always look at each other before making a decision.
    5. If a girl actually works out.
    Girl muscles. Not all big asses are made the same.
    6. Dirty looks girls give each other.
    Your disdain for that other girl. Your tiny little scowl and wrinkled nose — yes, I saw it.
    7. When his woman is pissed off.
    When you’re not OK, I notice it straight away, the smallest change.
    8. When a woman is not fit for high heels.
    That awkward walk in high heels. High heels aren’t for everyone.
    9. Any slight adjustments to look better.
    Trying to make themselves look better for you, i.e. last minute clothing and hair adjustments. We see it, and we like it.
    10. When a woman checks a guy out.
    I see you looking at the bulge. That’s cool. You don’t have to be bashful about it.
    11. If she’s playing stupid.
    We can tell when you are playing stupid, and it is not cute.
    12. The upper-lip shadow. Apparently, the jig is up.
    That faint little mustache. We see it.
    13. When a girl tries to subtly check out her own ass.
    That you check out how your own ass looks when you walk by something reflective.
    14. Intelligence.
    When they are really intelligent. They stand out like a sore thumb. A sore thumb that I’m really attracted to.
    15. Apparently…clumpy mascara.
    Mascara goop.
    16. When she’s frontin’.
    Passive aggressiveness. Nobody responds “Oh.” unless some shit has been fucked up.
    17. How men try to decipher whether a girl is on her period:
    If she’s wearing white below the waist, she’s not on her period.

    If I see dark colors for a week straight, her monkey has a nosebleed.
    18. Those conspicuous hints that you’re not into him.
    When you consciously don’t wear makeup or dress down around male friends you suspect or know are attracted to you. Message received.
    19. Flatulence (another jig that’s up).
    Their sneaky silent farts.
    20. The difference between a suggestion and a commandment.
    When you command us to do something, but it’s disguised as a suggestion.

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