20 Years Factory Disc magnet for Ottawa Manufacturers

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Customized  any size  15 years experience Quality & Reputation concerned Coating : NiCuNi  , Zn , NiCuNi+Sn ,NiCuNi+Cr ,NiCuNi+ Au By air  ( magnet power  shelding package ); By sea ( plastic sack  package )

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Customized  any size 

15 years experience

Quality & Reputation concerned

Coating : NiCuNi  , Zn , NiCuNi+Sn ,NiCuNi+Cr ,NiCuNi+ Au

By air  ( magnet power  shelding package ); By sea ( plastic sack  package )

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  • It is possible to run without a Drive or a Vector control.
    This motor is a Line-Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor without cogging torque.
    It can reduce a consumption of energy by 10%~50% because it is able to start and run by using AC as an induction motor.

    When Lspm motor substitutes for direct driving motor, consumption of electrical power can be
    saved by 10%~50%.
    When Lspm motor substitutes for controlling motor, cost of producing and purchasing can be reduced up to
    30% because of suing a wide using invert instead of a drive or a vector control invert
    Decreasing a nosie and vibration significantly, it can be run high rpm without vibration
    Decreasing size and weight considerably, it can be possible miniaturization and weight lightening

    UPDATE 6/26/2017:

    I go over each prototype in this video.

    UPDATE #4, 6/24/2017:
    To date, I have done ten prototypes. These prototypes are:

    #1. N35 4×1.7 magnets365.com (their “4×2″ is slightly undersized)
    #2. -same as above, but stickerless-
    #3. N38 4×2 gaussboys.com
    #4. N42 4×2 gaussboys.com
    #5. N38 4×2 gaussboys.com (center magnetized)
    #6. N52 5×1 gaussboys.com (my first 5×1 cube)
    #7. N35 4×2 gaussboys.com
    #8. N48 5×1 apexmagnets.com
    #9. (same as #8)
    #10. N35 5×1 magnets365.com

    #1 and 2, both feel pretty much the same. Theoretically, the stickerless version may feel just slightly stronger as the black plastic of the stickered version uses pigments that contain iron. The 4×2 magnets from magnets365 are slightly undersized, and if you like a light magnetic feel, these are excellent in this cube.

    #3. Using an N38 4×2 gives a strong magnetic pullforce feel. Personally, I wouldn’t use anything stronger than this. if you prefer to feel the magnets, or have an aggressive solve style, this magnet is perfect. Though the magnets feel strong, the cube’s performance is still great.

    #4. I tried N42 4×2 to see how they’d feel. Some people may actually like the magnets this strong, but I believe most people would not like this feel. Again, the cube remains smooth and performance is good, but this is a strong magnet, and thus, the magnets are obviously felt. Only use this magnet if you like the utmost in magnetic feel.

    #5. This cube was another experiment. I wanted to try magnetizing from the centers to the edge pieces. Unfortunately, despite the somewhat strong strength from the N38 4×2 magnets, this project was a failure. The magnets were not strong enough to make any noticeable difference, and actually, they cannot be felt at all. In addition, I’d never recommend this method of magnetization as there is just too much that can go wrong when you’re gluing magnets in such tight, enclosed, places.

    #6. My first 5×1 magnet 3×3. Using 5×1 magnets is an innovation of Chris Tran. Here, I used N52 5×1 magnets from Gaussboys. The overall magnetic pullforce strength feels much like the N38 4×2 does, so it’s on the stronger end of magnetic cube strength. This cube has promise, and if you like a stronger magnetic feel, it’s worth trying out. About the 5×1 magnets- the added width expands, somewhat, the magnetic field. This imparts a slightly “mushier” bump. It’s a bit hard to describe, but the bump feels less apparent. This (the 5×1 magnet) is very well worth trying out in other cubes as the effects of it are so good. You can watch this prototype cube being reviewed in Jay Lewis’s video, here:

    Jay is an awesome cuber worth checking out!

    #7. Though an N35 4×2 cube, this one is a little stronger than my other N35 cubes because unlike my other N35 4×2 (which actually measure, 4×1.7), these magnets are full spec and actually do measure 4×2. I think for people preferring a medium magnetic pullforce strength, this is an excellent magnet. Magnets vary from one manufacturer to another, so other people’s N35′s might feel a little more subtle than this one. If you like a medium subtle magnet, the magnets365 magnets are good. And again, for a medium magnetic pullforce strength, the N35 4×2 from Gaussboys is the way to go.

    #8 & 9. Here, in my latest GTS2 M, I used N48 5×1 magnets I got from Apex Magnets (https://tinyurl.com/yasdcppe). This is, no doubt, THE BEST CUBE I’VE EVER MADE of all 50+ cubes I’ve magnetized thus far. This is an awesome cube and the N48 5×1 feels like nothing else I’ve ever used. I literally got chills when I first turned this cube. Yes, it’s that good. In my opinion, this is the best magnet for this cube so far. The magnetic pullforce feel is just slightly weaker than an N35 4×2.

    #10. This is the most subtle of all the magnets I’ve tried in this cube. It has no perceptible magnetic “bump”, yet the magnets still seem to have some effect on keeping the cube in line. I found that to avoid catching issues with magnets of this strength (or, weakness), I had to bring in the tensions about 3/4 of a turn. The N35 5×1 probably won’t have a large appeal, except for people who want just the tiniest hint of magnetic action to their cubes.

    Other interesting findings:
    - The Cubicle Lab’s regular magnetic GTS2 uses 5×1 magnets, and more than likely in an N48 strength, though they place their magnets in a different location than I do, and it gives a slightly more subtle feel than where I place mine. But when the pieces are disassembled (their standard GTS2M and my N48 5×1 GTS2M), and the individual pieces are compared to each other, the magnets feel the same. It’s possible the Cubicle uses an N50 5×1, it’s hard to know for sure, but the N48 5x1s from Apex look and perform the same.
    - The factory GTS2 M uses 4×1.5 magnets, most likely N35, and personally, feel too light for my liking.

    All content (music, video, images, etc.) by David S. Miller