2017 Good Quality Permenent magnet for Sri Lanka Importers

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Customized  any size 15 years experience Quality & Reputation concerned Coating : NiCuNi  , Zn , NiCuNi+Sn ,NiCuNi+Cr ,NiCuNi+ Au By air  ( magnet power  shelding package ); By sea ( plastic sack  package )

We enjoy a very good reputation among our customers for our excellent product quality, competitive price and the best service for 2017 Good Quality Permenent magnet for Sri Lanka Importers, If you are interested in any of our products and services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to reply you within 24 hours after receipt of your request and to create mutual un-limited benefits and business in near future.

Customized  any size

15 years experience

Quality & Reputation concerned

Coating : NiCuNi  , Zn , NiCuNi+Sn ,NiCuNi+Cr ,NiCuNi+ Au

By air  ( magnet power  shelding package ); By sea ( plastic sack  package )

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    In the Instructional video, we look internally at the electrical starter solenoid motor switch. This is one of the most popular reason why a engine starter will fail to crank/rotate. The starter will continue to provide a `clicking` sound with-out operation or non cranking of engine.Since the starter motor solenoid, it will perform it`s 1st function by engaging the starter motor pinion gear onto the flywheel/flex-plate with failure to rotate.This failure to rotate symptom is most likely cause by the Starter Motor switch which is located on the solenoid plunger device it self or sometime found mounted separately. This tutorial is been perform on the 2004 Nissan Frontier with the 3300 VG33E V6 Engine, Many similar application may remain the same.

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    How to Troubleshoot 12 volt Eletric Starter Motor Switch?
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    Bad symptom are No Starting engine or No Cranking engine also Nothing happen when ignition key is turn to start position.

    the electrical automotive starter feature in the media video is the Mitsubshi MD39 Starter.

    Learn how to diagnose and troubleshoot an automobile no-start condition. Includes procedures for performing battery load tests and starter tests. Includes tips and advice for all auto enthusiasts.

    An idle starter solenoid can receive a large electric current from the car battery and a small electric current from the ignition switch. When the ignition switch is turned on, a small electric current is sent through the starter solenoid. This causes the starter solenoid to close a pair of heavy contacts, thus relaying a large electric current through the starter motor, which in turn sets the engine in motion.

    The starter motor is a series, compound, or permanent magnet type electric motor with a solenoid and solenoid operated switch mounted on it or separate like FORD relay which is mounted to fender panel/firewall. When low-current power from the starting battery is applied to the starter solenoid, usually through a key-operated switch, the solenoid closes high-current contacts for the starter motor and it starts to run. Once the engine starts, the key-operated switch is opened and the solenoid opens the contacts to the starter motor.

    All modern starters rely on the solenoid to engage the starter drive with the ring gear of the flywheel. When the solenoid is energized, it operates a plunger or lever which forces the pinion into mesh with the ring gear. The pinion incorporates a one way clutch so that when the engine starts and runs it will not attempt to drive the starter motor at excessive RPM.

    Some older starter designs, such as the Bendix drive, used the rotational inertia of the pinion to force it along a helical groove cut into the starter driveshaft, and thus no mechanical linkage with the solenoid was required

    COMMON PROBLEM are : If a starter solenoid receives insufficient power from the battery, it will fail to start the motor, and may produce a rapid clicking sound. The lack of power can be caused by a low battery, by corroded or loose connections in the battery cable, or by a damaged positive (red) cable from the battery. Any of these problems will result in some, but not enough, power being sent to the solenoid, which means that the solenoid will only begin to push the engagement gear, making the metallic click sound.

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