Company Profile

M&R Industry is specialized in reasearch,development and manufacturing of permanent magnets in China.Our factory occupies 20000 square meters with over 320 employees.

Our main products are NdFeB magnets tailor-made for each client.

The annual output of products can be more than 3000 tons of magnets.The high grade such as N52,50M,48H,45SH,40UH,38EH,35AH can be produced with mass quantity.Our technical engineers have more than 20 years of experience in this field that can offer excellent solutions for clients on special demand of products..

Others such as ferrite magnets,AlNiCo magnets,SmCo magnets,flexible magnets,magnetic lifters and magnetic hooks can be offered with high quality.

Reliable quality,competitive price,ontime delivery,fast and professional service are our main principle and discipline.

Our products are widely used in automobiles,elevators,wind power generators,air conditioners,aerospace,telecommunications,etc.

We will take continious improvement to surpass the expectation of customers by providing customers with high value-added products and best service.