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    For more information about V&P Scientific’s Flick and Blot Hand-Held magnetic Separation Blocks

    We offer Hand-Held Magnetic Bead Separation Blocks for rapid manual bead separation and washing. Our unique Flick & Blot™ Blocks allow you to remove all liquid from the wells in under 10 seconds with minimal bead loss and without the need for an expensive robotic liquid handler or plate washer. Hand-Held Blocks are available for standard microplates, deep well plates, PCR plates, and even racks for tubes. After filling with the sample or a wash buffer and bead separation, simply flick out the liquid and tap the block onto our Super Absorbent Lint-Free Blotting Paper to remove the last drops of liquid. These Hand-Held Blocks are an economical substitute for a robotic liquid handler. We also provide an economical solution for dispensing wash buffer into your plates.

    V&P’s Hand-Held Magnetic Bead Separation Blocks utilize the strongest NdFeB magnets available (50 — 52 MGO). In conjunction with our unique proprietary designs, we ensure minimal bead loss during washing even when the plates are pounded to remove the last bits of liquid. Our Flick & Blot™ Hand-Held Blocks have been validated by many laboratories and incorporated into their magnetic bead assay protocols. One of these protocols calls for thirty washes, and no significant bead loss has been observed when using our Hand-Held Blocks.

    • Large variety of designs to accommodate all plate types (96, 384, 1536, PCR, deep well, etc.)
    • Use of strongest available NdFeB magnets for fastest separation times and minimal bead loss
    • Unique proprietary designs and magnet arrangements to minimize bead loss
    • Clip mechanism for rapid placement and removal of microplates that also ensure plates are securely locked into place (no need to hold the microplate)
    • Rubber gasket handle for secure gripping when utilizing Flick & Blot™
    • Light-weight design for easy repetitive handling (each approximately weighs 1 lb (450g)

    magnet fishing close to ancient ancient castle

    equipment used
    neodymium magnet
    30m climbing rope

    dumbarton castle