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  • Jump to audio: 5:13 This is Part 3 of The “Cheap Chinese Guitars” Reviews. These are solid guitars – all three of them. In this case, you can see the stepwise increase in features from the $100 SX to the (roughly) $200 Affinity and $300 Classic Vibe Tele. Here are some more guitar specs for convenient comparison:

    Body: SX & Affinity: Alder, Classic Vibe 50′s: Pine

    Bridge: SX: 3 saddle Tele-style, top-loaded. Affinity: 6 Saddle top-loaded, Classic Vibe 50′s: 3 saddle Tele style w/ brass saddles

    Pickups: SX: ??? Affinity: Fender’s own (great sounding) Squier Tele Ceramic magnets, Classic Vibe 50′s: Squier Tele Vintage-style w/ Alnico III magnets

    Tuners: SX: Vintage style (poor quality, unfortunately), Affinity: Die cast standard tuners, Classic Vibe 50′s: Vintage style (good ones!)

    All guitars are 25.5″ scale. The Squiers both have a synthetic bone nut, the SX comes with a tag that states the nut is Graphtech, but it looked and felt suspiciously like plain old plastic.

    My thoughts on the cheapest of the three (the SX Tele Copy), if you care to read them: The SX needed the most setup work out of the box. Not a problem for anyone with a bit of experience, but not so great for a rote beginner.

    My only real gripe was the poor quality of the tuners. They would stick, turn without effect, then release a whole lot of string at one. When in tune, they were stable, so they’d suffice for a bit, but would be a headache over time.

    The pickups had the highest output, so if you’re gonna rock, they’re fine! Upgrade the dodgy electronics and I’m sure they’ll sound even better.

    Bridge is solid, and I like the top-loaded/3-saddle Tele-style design. I wish the Affinity had that bridge instead. The neck feels solid, no uneven frets.

    Hope you enjoyed this video – it was a learning experience for me for sure. All the Telecasters were recorded through a Marshall 18watt clone from Ceriatone, recorded into Pro Tools via a Shure SM-7b, and processed with mild compression and Lexicon room reverb.

    I wanted to put the debate on magnets on smartphones to rest. A 400lb magnetic pull on a smartphone has no effect on it’s performance as demonstrated in this video. Flygrip’s magnet is about 1/1000 the strength of this large powerful magnet which ad no effect on the performance of this Galaxy Note 2. Same test was done on Iphone 4, Iphone 5, Epic Tough 4g, Evo 4g, Nexus 4, Lumina 620, Motorola Droid Maxx using the same big magnet.