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  • In this video I demonstrate a surprisingly easy way to create a funny or scary face / mask. The shape finds itself almost automatically, it’s not the usual way of construction with magnet spheres.

    The strand to start with is 24×4 spheres and you simply cut it into 4 pieces, each 6 magnets long.

    Greetings to all fans of magnet-art, regardless wich brand you use! Zen Magnets, Nanodots, Buckyballs, Neocube, Ningboballs, Coldfusion, Cybercube, Neoclicks, Neoballs… Did I miss one? :D

    The background ambient-sound is from, the thunder comes from

    UPDATE of current SETUP can be viewed @

    This is just a rough setup of an idea I’ve had brewing in my mind for a while now and would like to share with the world and possibly get some help with from others who are knowledgeable in the subject….

    This guy has a setup already up and running that he powers up with 120v and then once everything is up and running he switches over to the generator power and has that power his tool and his electric motor….pretty genius!

    I’d like to get this setup to generate electricity that I can use to power into my house; I do have solar panels that I built and wired up on my own and do realize the parts and costs of the parts I may need to complete such a project…..

    I just don’t quite know how to get all the wiring safely setup and also I’m not positive on all the other electrical parts I may need to be able to generate & capture the electricity generated safely….(like capacitor’s and stuff)

    I know that a GOOD Charge Controller is probably going to be at the top of my list of items needed…. I have a couple 2-stroke chain saw motors lying around the garage that I could probably mount up to spin the Magnet Motors shaft pretty good and fast! My other idea for finding something that will get the magnet motor spinning was another electric motor, something like the big air compressors use to spin the air pump motor that feeds air into the air tank……. that way I could have a electrical receptacle that I could use to get the motors spinning and then once up to speed and producing power I’d have some kind of a switch to use to switch the electric motor power over from the receptacle and tap it into the power from the generator….. so in essence the magnet motor would be powering itself after a brief start up period!!