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  • How to test a two-wire permanent magnet (magnetic reluctance) sensor. This applies to all two-wire camshaft, crankshaft, wheel speed, or vehicle speed sensors.

    A quick demo of the versatility of my Brierley Guitar Pickups Alnico 4 Humbuckers manufactured in Adelaide Australia by legendary pickup maker Mick Brierley.

    I was after a black Les Paul Custom for many years [at least 20] and was disappointed with the performance of the standard pickups when I eventually got one. I was gigging plenty but I was leaving the Custom at home most of the time.

    I had sets of Brierley single coils in a few guitars and they were great sounding. So I decided to try a change from the standard pickups over to Mick’s humbuckers. They completely transformed the guitar which I now really enjoy gigging in a wide variety of applications. As you would expect it’s a killer jazz and rock guitar but what I never expected was the “openness” of the pickups to even enable “proper” sounding country chops pretty unheard of on a short scale Gibson [and you'll see a couple I played on the clip]. It really is THAT good….. Thanks Mick for a great product and thanks for your great support of me and many guitar players in Australia and across the world. Your product and service are unbeatable…..

    2009 Gibson Les Paul Custom
    MI Audio Boost N Buff V2 [kicks in near the end]
    Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-15 Head initially in 10w “Vox normal” mode then later in 10w “Marshall – H1″ mode
    Mesa Boogie 10″ Black Shadow Cab
    Sennheiser E906
    Boss BR-600 recorder
    Everything has flat EQ
    Reverb and Delay [near the end] are added “post” from the Boss recorder – The amp was recorded as dry as “waiting for a keg to be connected whilst thirsty at the Birdsville pub in the middle of a dust storm”…