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    Mountek nGroove Snap 3 CD Magnetic Car Mount Smartphone Tablet iPhone iPad Mini – Review Demo Unboxing

    This is an excellent mount if you have a CD Player in your car you don’t really use and want a mount that you can very easily attach and detach. Nothing is easier than this which uses a magnet and metal plate attached to your phone or small tablet. It has a great ball joint that allows you to easily position your phone at the right angle for you! Great for use with any phone as well as smaller tablets like the iPad Mini or a 7-8 inch Android Tablet. High quality product that lives up to expectations.

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    Poisonous metal in cereal attracted to magnet
    In this video I show you that the Iron in cereal is literally magnetic. The kind of iron and copper your body needs and can fully utilize needs to be absorbed naturally is not present like you think in your cereal. I test two cereals I happened to have on hand

    1. Cheerios – Multi Grain – General Mills
    2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch – General Mills [Favorite Cereal :( ]

    What you need to do this experiment:

    - Your cereal of choice
    - A small dish or saucer
    - Strong magnets [Neodymium]
    - Water

    Put the water in the saucer, put the cereal in the saucer, put magnet[s] close to cereal and drag the cereal around the saucer, realize your being poisoned and start eating something else.

    This is not good for humans. This type of heavy metal is somewhat dissolved in the stomach and goes into the blood stream.
    I’m no doctor but I can tell you that this is poison, they are poisoning our children. these people are MERCILESS and will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal of a one world government and 500 million people left to be their slaves. That is a direct fact from the Georgia guide stones.

    Here is a link to a Georgia guidestone video [must watch]

    Here is a video that you can learn a bit more on this magnetic cereal stuff.

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    Here is a must watch if you are new to my channel. this is a link to my october upload, it has footage of two different objects in the sky at different times. Credit to Tom R for the footage he let me use in it.