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  • A slightly smaller version of the 3-phase hand-crank generator design using the 6-pole, 9-coil architecture. This time the rotor is made with an epoxy (auto body filler) filled 2″ diameter PVC coupling with a 1/2″ threaded rod passing through as drive shaft/axle. Magnets in this case were 3/8″ diameter neodymium discs (a size no longer available in my area), stacks of 3 each (total 18), embedded in drill holes in the rotor.

    The end bearings (1/2″) were cemented into the sockets of ABS bushings (3″x1.5″) — make certain of alignment here or the rotor will chafe within its PVC housing!

    Coil cores were the threaded centers from masonry sleeve anchors. They have a blunt end which pressed into the drilled housing sockets, and tightened with nuts on either side of the plywood support ring. Coils were approximately 250 turns of 21-guage copper wire, connected in 3-phase star (Y) arrangement. Home-made bridge incorporates 6 diodes to rectify the AC into DC output.

    Again using a modified 4:1 ratio winch gear (kinda noisy …). This unit will output 16V at 250 mA. It will charge rechargeable batteries (radio, flashlight), or even give partial charge to a cellphone via 12V CL adapter.

    As a bonus, it has sort of a SCI-FI look to it :)

    I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload)