factory customized Heavy duty magnets for Cologne Factory

We keep improving and perfecting our products and service. At the same time, we work actively to do research and development for factory customized Heavy duty magnets for Cologne Factory, If you are interested in any of our items, please don't hesitate to contact us and take the first step to build up a successful business relationship.

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  • The scientists tell the fuel electrons react with the the electrons of the oxygen and other products in the air. They prove this by taking away the air and it puts the fire out. So the fire makes new chemicals by their spinning electrons. Here i am burning the tree plant and turning it into new things with the atoms of the oxygen. Also light is produced and radiated elsewhere in the universe, for other things to grow. Do not be deceived by those scientists and their delusive conclusions.

    There be magic, but not my magic or sciences, the universes. It shall continueth to be magick until we vanquish our misconceptions and until we conquer the science. Until then, all men that speak, shall we listen or shall we laugh. Only fools laugh. Continueth, like the fire has a spark, like the atoms spin, and when combined with the heat, they spin perpetually. Findeth energy, it radiates from the sun. It grows in the plants, then we burn it . Then producing light, and other new things for other things here and accross the universe to grow. DO NOT be deceived. Findeth yourself and you shall findeth the universe. He who has no moral has no will, and he who has no will has no soul. He who is soul-less, who is godless, who is magic-less, he is deceived by his incomplete understanding. He shall not declare himself to be great, or to be willing, or to be true, he shall not declare known all the laws of man and of the universe, he shall not look for what he expects to find, and say it should not be, he only needeth look. He only needeth look. Look upon it and you shall see. He shall not say it is until he knows all that is not.

    In my work I discovered the electrons do not exist. So here we are looking at the magnets creating the new particles from the carbon fuel and the oxygen mainly. We also see the alternating current and the ways the atoms like to arrange themselves.

    Look for the special ratio. The sacred ratio. The golden ratio. It’s all there, and this is how the atoms are working, all we need do is understand how their electrons spin around perpetually, and make them large. I believe truly that Eric Dollard and Nikola Tesla would be proud of this small but brilliant experiment. Look, you will find it, the golden ratio periodic, in the burning wood, the coal, the nuclear reactor, the quantum level, the ocean when it goes out, the running stream of a river, in the vessels of our heart and our veins and arteries, throughout the very brain itself. You cannot escape this. Do not be deluded. Consider the magick that a small fire can bring. Now you know why.

    If you don’t know what you are seeing you don’t know what you are describing.

    I head to downtown Seoul looking for a magnet shop for the new fishing magnet. Lets go on an adventure. Please thumbs up and subscribe for more vids! Follow me at https://www.instagram.com/callmeaddict/