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  • Edward Leedskalnin was a Latvian emigrant to the United States, self-taught engineer and amateur sculptor who single-handedly built the Coral Castle in Florida, added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. Leedskalnin was also known for developing theories of magnetism.Edward Leedskalnin bases his unified field theory on detailed observations he made from direct experimentation with magnetism and electricity. Leedskalnin identifies a unipolar magnetic particle, the individual North and South pole magnet, as the prime subatomic carrier of energy, and sets out to disprove the theory of the electron along with what he considers, the weak foundations of modern atomic theory. He provides evidence for his more sound base of understanding by demonstrating the results of over fifty experiments. He insists the implications will impact all branches of science because they all lack a sound base.

    Hard Drives fail at unpredictable times, but when they do, as long as you have your data backed up elsewhere, have a little fun, and get some free magnets!

    Have fun as we discuss the deconstruction, diagnostic of failure, and get the free magnets.

    Hard drive is a Toshiba MK3265GSX.