Free sample for Industrial magnets for Swansea Factory

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  • Here we go thought i would let you all in on a little secret i have learnt to find studs in walls. I have tried many of those expensive stud finders only to be let down time and time again. All you need to do to find a stud is to get a rare earth magnet, mine is from an old hard drive but you can buy them in shops (even magnet toys for kids will work) They are normally silver. And some post-its to identify the studs.

    Simple just run the magnet over the wall and you will find the screw that is attatching the gyprock/plasterboard to the stud. Then you just need to go horizontally and vertically to work out which way the stud is going. Now you can hang or screw in stuff into this stud without fear of it falling down.

    NOTE: Now this method works with most brick/veneer and internal walls. It wont work with double brick. But it does work with a metal framed house (obviously). You may also find that the person who installed the plasterboard may have decided to skip using screws and just glued the board there, if thats the case is may be hard to find and you may need to just knock the wall until you find a non hollow sound.