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  • This is a replica of Jacob Byzehr’s Analysis of Chas Campbell’s Flywheel System.

    This is just an attempt to replicate his system. Initial starting of the induction motor needs power from a 220V external AC outlet. After achieving the maximum torque the change over switch have to be flipped to get feedback power from generator output. In this, unfortunately the motor is unable to provide the necessary torque required to accelerate the fly wheel to the required speed under load. So the system is unable to power on its own. Still this setup needs to be tuned to work without external supply.

    Description of the system:

    A very important feature for high performance with a system of this kind is the ratio of the diameters of the driving and take-off pulleys on the shaft which contains the flywheel, especially with systems where the flywheel rotates at high speed. The driving pulley needs to be three or four times larger than the power take-off pulley. Using Chas’ 1430 rpm motor and a commonly available 1500 rpm generator, the 12:9 step-up to the shaft of the flywheel gives a satisfactory generator speed while providing a 3.27 ratio between the 9-inch diameter driving pulley and the 2.75” diameter power take-off pulley.

    Here the drive belts are left with excessive slack. This causes a rapid series of jerks in the drive between the mains motor and the flywheel. These occur so rapidly that they do not appear noticeable when looking at the system operating. However, this stream of very short pulses in the drive chain, generates a considerable amount of excess energy drawn from the gravitational field. Chas has now confirmed the excess energy by getting the flywheel up to speed and then switching the drive motor input to the output generator. The result is a self-powered system capable of running extra loads.


    New Jersey body piercer and tattoo artist David Hurban has implemented four metal studs into his wrist to secure his iPod. Hurban, 21, implemented four small metal studs into his left wrist and attached four magnets onto the back of his iPod nano, which allows his IPod to be secured magnetically to his wrist without a watch strap. Hurban says this is something no one has ever done before: “In today’s world, everybody has already done everything twice. Everyone’s looking for the next thing and this is something no one has ever done before. Whole world…how many people are in the world? First one” The inspiration, Hurban says he always wanted a strapless watch, and then he learned the iPod had a clock interface