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  • In this video i connect bike ratchet to help spin the machine from inside to outside,
    Machine speed causes the production of electricity by generators,
    Battery Charge option! Capacitor load option! And movement options!
    THIS IS Mechanical Sketches Demo VIDEO! Magnetic Fields IS Not Visible!!! There is many configurations that can do with this Ornithopter Engine That Invented & Patent by GERTEL OREN!
    The invention can be used for straight or boost engines, & rotation engines! You can use it for boat engines, Wings engine could also fly with wings! Economical use with no mechanical wear!! And for any purposeֱ… Scooter engines , bike engines, energy engines combined with vibration!-_-!
    My name is Oren Gertel and i build this magnets engine!! It’s all for a better future in the energy sector soon! magnets and magnetic machines!! hard work was to build a machine like that! This “mechanical sketch” that can shows the capabilities of this engine in the future!!
    This Is The Ornithopter Engine
    This engine used battery and electric motor!
    For future use The system is the heart of some of the large system, the heart of the system is significant to run a big machine,By some few volts can operate the machine, and by so , can work long hours!! or days (2 stroke magnet engine! For example motors sketches!) Shows that can be moved by magnets without gears or belt or any connection! and use a small electric motor, and low power consumption and heavy crankshafts rotate high speed without any contact, Since there is no friction between the parts of the magnets and do not touch each other! No warming! not need gas gasoline or diesel ,only battery
    A machine that works with a huge magnetic force, Centrifugal force, a linear movement,Magnet crankshaft is not connected!
    After the examination, the value of this invention is $ 200 million ,
    If you decide to copy it making it possible that you pay the price of $ 200 million ,
    This engine Patented invention
    made by oren gertel

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