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  • A teacher asked that I make a speaker from a paper plate for a demonstration to kids. The ideas simple wrap copper wire around a magnet, as the signal travels through the solenoid (copper around the magnet) it creates a magnetic field. The permanent magnets field crosses the solenoids changing field creating different force vibration in response to the input signal, music is an analog signal. This creates a physical force, if you hold the solenoid you can feel the strength.

    Polystyrene paper plate, cut to fit inside a solid paper bowl.

    Paper was wrapped around magnet then another separate piece of paper. Around that paper was 40 turns of magnetic copper wire, gauge unknown. This was taped on with scotch tap. After wires finished wrapping, I removed the inside paper to create an even gap between magnet and wire wrapped paper. Magnets from amazon, 1×1 30Ib neodymium.

    Next I used a radio shack op amp with a basic designed circuit to amplify the signal from an music source. This was all soldered to a simple project board for less interference.

    The bread board you sees used to get power to the amp. Using a step down transformer, a rectifier and a capacitor. I got about 8V DC to the amp.

    Once on it worked nicely for a speaker made of only paper foam glued together with hot glue. It can handle mono really well, it’s attended purpose will be connected to a custom AM radio made by a professor.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

    We destroyed over 400,000 perfectly good Neoballs that did nothing wrong. Neoballs are a brand of hobbyist 5mm sculpting magnet spheres by Zen Magnets, the last and only US magnet sphere company. Buy new neoballs at

    For more context on why this happened, see the paragraph titled “Battle #3″ at the bottom of: Zen Magnets was the last company standing, after Buckyballs fell, Neocube complied, and Nanodots silently cowered and ran off.

    0:26 The motioned adapted time-lapse (1x-200x speed) of a 4 hour destruction of ~400,000 Neoballs, has been shrunk down to 90 seconds. The baking happened in a heat treatment oven from 80° F to 1000° F, far past the Curie temperate of Neodymium.

    If you want some of the dead burnt magnets, check out:

    Alternate Title: CPSC EPIC WIN: watch our balls get DESTROYED.
    Eulogy written and performed by Eric Sigurdson
    The capturing of this destruction was made possible by
    Special thanks to
    Music is “Seeker” by Kai Engel via
    Produced by