Newly Arrival Tiny magnets to New Delhi Manufacturers

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  • Here is my refinished Ibanez RG once again with what I suspect will be the final pickup change for this guitar. I have Synyster Gates Invaders in it from Seymour Duncan along with a German made Schaller 5 way pickup selector switch from an ESP guitar found on ebay and I wired it to duplicate the setup on my ESP Horizon because I like that pickup selection option. It turns out the wiring was done similar to how it’s supposed to be done on a Schaller P style 5 way megaswitch except for the green wire (south pole start on SD pickups I think) is wired to the ground along with the bare wires and other green wire instead of being on the 4th lug of the switch, which instead is left blank. This gives me the setup of 1-bridge pickup, 2-inner coils of both pickups, 3-full bridge pickup with the outer coil of the neck pickup, 4-outer coils of both pickups and 5-neck pickup. I tend to use 1 and 3 the most on distorted stuff and on clean stuff while I also use 2 on clean stuff but not so much distorted. I did this video to demo what it sounds like on all positions with a mixture of distorted and clean riffage. I’m also not surprised that switching to pickups with ceramic magnets solved the hum problem given that I had suspected it would do that but also curious as to why that was. It seems alnico magnet humbuckers hum more than ceramic magnet humbuckers. Anyone have any ideas as to why that is the case? Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video.

    The ‘CapCollector’ combines the convenience of a wall mounted bottle opener, with the rich unique beauty of reclaimed wood. It has a powerful rare earth magnet embedded inside, which will ‘magically’ catch and hold your bottle caps until you’re ready for cleanup!