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Our company puts emphasis on the management, the introduction of talented personnel, and the construction of staff building, trying hard to improve the quality and liability consciousness of staff members. Our company successfully attained IS9001 Certification and European CE Certification of OEM China High quality Magnets for sale Wholesale to Lithuania, We welcome new and old customers to contact us by phone or send us inquiries by mail for future business relationships and achieving mutual success.

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  • To make this wonderful model you will need a few paper cup, cycle spoke, and ring magnets. Cut off one-fourth of the cup and decorate it with color tape. Make a neat 1-cm diameter hole in the base. Similarly cut another cup in half and take just the base of the third cup. Decorate them and make a 1-cm hole in their center. Take two ferrite ring magnets and they will stick to the steel spoke. Hold the spoke vertically and give the magnets a twirl. The magnets will slowly spin and come down the spoke. Now take the cup disk and color its top with seven colors. Place a magnet each above top and bottom of the hole. The magnets will stick. Place the magnets with the disk on a bicycle spoke and give it a twirl. The disk will keep spinning, whirling and will come down pretty fast. The colors will mix and you will see a grayish-white. Repeat this with the half cup and it will come whirling down slowly. Finally repeat the experiment with the three-quarter’s cup. This cup will spin very slowly and it will take a very long time to come down. This work was supported by IUCAA and Tata Trust. This film was made by Ashok Rupner TATA Trust: Education is one of the key focus areas for Tata Trusts, aiming towards enabling access of quality education to the underprivileged population in India. To facilitate quality in teaching and learning of Science education through workshops, capacity building and resource creation, Tata Trusts have been supporting Muktangan Vigyan Shodhika (MVS), IUCAA’s Children’s Science Centre, since inception. To know more about other initiatives of Tata Trusts, please visit www.tatatrusts.org

    For future use The system is the heart of some of the large system, the heart of the system is significant to run a big machine,By some few volts can operate the machine, and by so , can work long hours!! or days (2 stroke magnet engine! For example motors sketches!) Shows that can be moved by magnets without gears or belt or any connection! and use a small electric motor, and low power consumption and heavy crankshafts rotate high speed without any contact, Since there is no friction between the parts of the magnets and do not touch each other! No warming! not need gas gasoline or diesel ,only battery
    A machine that works with a huge magnetic force, Centrifugal force, a linear movement,Magnet crankshaft is not connected!
    After the examination, the value of this invention is $ 200 million ,
    If you decide to copy it making it possible that you pay the price of $ 200 million ,

    I invented build and patent this engine
    Oren Gertel