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  • Free Energy Generator Guide. Visit ★★★★ ★★★★

    Captain disillusion teams up with beakman of ‘beakman’s world’ to examine some free energy claims on youtube in the most ’90s way possible… Free energy magnet motor fan used as free energy generator “free energy” light bulb. 13 year old invents free energy device for 15 bucks! Free Energy Magnet Motor (Engine) – user Deirones appears to convert a CPU fan into a magnet motor by placing magnets in vicinity of the four electromagnets. A gravity engine is a free energy generator that apparently harnesses the power of gravity and use it to make mechanical work. Well worth watching even if you know a lot about “free energy” you may learn something you didn’t know.. It is time to dust off this forgotten wonder of ingenuity and put it to work alongside other clean and renewable energy sources and help mankind live a green energy future. Howevre you can find free enrgy every where aroud us: like solar energy wind energy and water energy.

    Free energy device

    This is a 3D printed EZ Spin Motor. It turned out being a very clean and nice running build. I also explain how to properly wire up an EZ Spin Motor. This thing would run for a very long time on a 5v super capacitor.
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    Live video stream of some older designs: