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  • In this video I show you how, when moved, the magnetic flux from a powerful neodymium magnet produces an electric current in nonmagnetic metals and how the resultant current develops a magnetic field within copper, brass, lead and aluminium and how that magnetic field attracts the magnet to the nonmagnetic material.
    We know that copper is nonmagnetic and we accept the fact that electric motors, generators and alternators work with copper wire and iron cores to either create motion from electricity or convert motion into electricity, yet after a lifetime of playing with magnets and electromagnets I’m absolutely fascinated by the phenomenon of the magnetomotive force drawing the magnet to the copper.
    If you want to play with neodymium magnets do have a look at some of the safety videos on YouTube first. The magnet that I’m playing with is bad enough and could really hurt you (it’s easy to get pinched between the magnet and bits of steel) but the larger magnets seriously dangerous.
    Have fun but stay safe.
    Thanks for watching.
    Kind regards … Andy.