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  • Last week we gave you a HUGE Fidget Spinners Unboxing video of 20 awesome fidget spinners! This week, I will show you some cool spinning tricks for these fidget toys, starting with easy ones for beginners, as well as some for intermediate spinners! Which one is your favorite?

    To watch our 20 FIDGET SPINNER UNBOXING video, click HERE!

    With fidget spinners being a HUGE trend right now, I decided to take some of the toys from last week’s fidget spinner collection video and show you some cool tricks! I first start of with the two best, and easiest, ways to spin your fidget spinner. Then the tricks progressively get harder.

    I’ll show you how to do the table spin, the pencil spin, the nose spin, the stacked spin, the object spin, and many more!

    If you want to see more spinner videos, check out my friends like CollinsKey, EvanTubeHD, WhatsInside, and EhBeeFamily.

    Below you can find the direct links to most fidget spinners that I found for my collection (many seen in this video):

    Spinner #1: Aluminum Ball Bearing:
    Spinner #2: Pink Batgirl Spinner:
    Spinner #3: Triple Penny Spinner:
    Spinner #4: Wood Spinner:
    Spinner #5: Hexagon Multicolor Spinner:
    Spinner #6: Triple Gears Spinner:
    Spinner #7: Iridescent Circle:
    Spinner #8: LED Spinner:
    Spinner #9: Iridescent Heart:
    Spinner #10: Blue Binky Spinner:
    Spinner #11: Glow in Dark Spinner:
    Spinner #12: Iridescent Star Spinner:
    Spinner #13: Brass Wheel Spinner:
    Spinner #14: A 9-Bearing Spinner:
    Spinner #15: Orange Plastic Spinner:
    Spinner #16: Iron Man Spinner:
    Spinner #17: Dollar Sign Spinner:
    Spinner #18: Green Star Spinner:
    Spinner #19: Brass Knob Spinner:
    Spinner #20: Sprinkles Spinner:
    Fidget Spinner Tricks Book:

    Some of the tricks you can do with hand spinners are very entertaining for boys, for girls, and for all kids. Both of the books that I used to learn these trick, can also be found in the links above.

    Please be sure to click the “

    This is something that I noticed while playing around with my new and small N35 neodymium magnets from Digikey.