Special Design for Ring magnet for Armenia Factories

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magnes neodymowy neodymmagnet

Sticking to the belief of "Creating products of high quality and making friends with people from all over the world", we always put the interest of customers in the first place for Special Design for Ring magnet for Armenia Factories, We also ensure that your selection will be crafted with the highest quality and reliability. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

magnes neodymowy


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  • Neodymium permanent magnet http://www.permanentmagnet.com/neodymium_magnet.html is common in our daily life. However, this video will show you different and creative magnets. *Magnetic bracelet: the magnetic bracelet is made of several small permanent magnets. And it can change to various of items freely. *Magnetic levitation: to make the neodymium magnet levitate, it just need to put the liquid nitrogen on the material to make this up to the temperature of superconductor, then the magnet levitate by the effect of the superconductor. *Magnetism between magnets: when you throw a magnet, the magnetism between magnets will attract them together quickly and then set in order automatically. *Visual arts with magnet: the black fluid in the glass is named ferrofluid. Then use a magnet to attract it to make pretty images.

    Chances are you heard about the guy that shot his buddy with a shotgun shell full of rice krispies cereal. I have a feeling it was just two knuckleheads messing around but it resulted in the shooter getting arrested. Just because you think it would be harmless to shoot someone with a round full of cereal, marshmallows, etc. it is a horrible idea still. The cereal really did nothing, but the plastic wadding can be quite dangerous, even at these LOW velocities.

    Music by Stone McKnuckles