Wholesale Dealers of Buckyballs magnets to Suriname Manufacturer

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  • This video shows the method I used to make my first electric generator. It is a miniature axial flux generator to test the solutions I have selected on the way to make my futur homemade windmill. It can be usefull to those who want to make one by themselves..

    Certainly, its power is poor because it is a miniature generator. But it is the method of fabrication which is important. The power can be increase by making coils which have more turns and by making more coils (here there are 6 coils). By using magnets bigger and more powerful, by making a generator with a bigger diameter. This video allow at who want to make their own electric generator to have a base to begin.

    A short tutorial on how to safely and securely detach a clothing security sensor, in less then 45 seconds, with out damaging the clothing, with just a knife and a lighter. its safe, quick and you can virtually do it anywhere. It’s great to know when the sales associate leaves the sensor on by accident, or your feelin a little risky (jk). Nothing in the video was stolen, only used for the purpose of demonstration. I hope this was helpful, feel free to message me with any questions/comments or ideas for another video!

    READ ~ ( The sensor’s I use are basic, ink & non-ink. Every sensor i use accept for 1 is from my sisters boutique which she ALLOWED me to use for demonstration for this video & because they now use a more secure system which i will never cover for obvious reasons) If you are considering this for theft RECONSIDER! No blouse is worth it)

    Here is the link for the handy dandy, portable, professional security sensor detacher: http://www.detacher.co