Wholesale Discount Magneti neodim Export to Costa Rica

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  • Buckyballs, 216 wonderful little round magnets that you can build things with, like little structures, necklaces, etc. In 2014, the Consumer Protection Agency sued the makers of Buckyballs because kids were eating them and gumming up their insides. Then the buckyballs disappeared. I just checked, and they didn’t disappear, they went underground.

    Here is a video of my Grandson discovering Buckyballs for the first time. I think he liked them. Sent them home with him with a warning, don’t eat these, don’t let the dog eat them, don’t give them to your parents to eat. Just build things with them and send me pictures.

    When I was your age, kids played with magnets and threw scissors at each other instead of texting. It was a simpler time.

    You probably are wondering what distinguishes hard and soft magnetic materials from each other. Well, this is it.

    Here are some ways to spell hysteresis wrong: histeresis, hysterisis, hizthérèsez, histeriasis, hystirysis, hystirisis. Can you come up with more?