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  • forgive the audio… irrelevant.

    just a bunch of 15×6 neo magnets, 4200 gauss /magnet, braking a “brass” (? no idea…didnt machine like brass…all i could find! i know copper is best!)disc being spun up on a linisher. nothing fancy yet… yet to find out if polarity should alternate or not. all an experiment :)

    Before deciding for the best neck pain treatment it is advisable, to undergo first a thorough physical examination to establish a diagnosis for all neck treatment possibilities.
    Neck pain can have many causes. Many health problems can cause neck pain like whiplash, rheumatica, pinched nerve stress, muscle spasm and herniated disc.
    For moderate neck pain cases the patient can be helped with the BIO MEDICI magnetic pulser, an inexpensive option. If you are a novice to this natural treatment method you should start now. The amazing effects of pulsed magnetic therapy can be used for a neck pain treatment as well as for 60 different health conditions.
    Here we show you how to transform the magnetic pulser to a pulsed magnetic neck wrap.
    Step 1.
    Switch on switch #2 and #8 of the device.
    Step 2.
    Slide the BIO MEDICI in his carrying tube and wrap the unit around your neck. The duration of the neck treatment is 30 minutes and should be performed 3 times a day.
    The extremely low magnetic impulses increase the blood circulation in the neck, thereby relaxing the tight neck muscles. Sensitive people have reported a warm sensation during a treatment for neck pain. Furthermore, the pulsed magnetic field penetrates deep into the area to be treated and may repair damaged tissue.
    During a lifetime you, and your family members, may experience many different health problems, where the BIO MEDICI can be very helpful. The Adjustment Table shows a great variety of therapy options for treatment.
    Please see http://www.backpaintreatment.ca.
    Please note!
    The effectiveness of magnetic pulser offered on the market differs to a great extent. The BIO MEDICI was developed under the guidance of the world renowned physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig from Germany. If you want to gain more knowledge about this device, copy and paste the following sentence into your Google browser: “Magnetic Pulser Bob Beck USA versus in Germany developed Magnetic Pulser -YouTube Video”.
    For those interested in the quality and therapy success of the German designed magnetic therapy device, this report will interest you!
    Years ago, a German hospital carried out double blind test with 3000 patients. It shows the treatment possibilities of the magnetic pulser. See the test results with 20 devices at http://www.magnetictherapycure.com and visit also http://www.magneticpulser.us.
    However, health practitioners recommend a regular neck treatment in the form of different exercises, targeting the neck muscles.